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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
Nov 19 07
two men kissing
I am quite pleased to announce that the rs_prophet is back and under new leadership!

thescarletwoman and myself have inherited the reins from xylodemon. We're very excited to relaunch this amazing recletter.

At this time, we are taking applications for editor positions. If you are interested, please comment here. All comments are screened.

Include your availability (ie, what days work for you) and anything you think we should know.

There is, especially, a need for Wednesdays.
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Nov 23 07 (UTC)
Editors compile a list of recommendations for their certain day from a "watcher's list" and the email. Posting is normally once a week. So, you'd need a couple of hours for it.
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Nov 23 07 (UTC)
Basically, you're right. An editor reads/views a bunch of things on their chosen day and/or utilises the recommendations of others. The editor would check all of that and then compile the newsletter. It's really what you think is good stuff.

You can do either the assistantship or the jump in with both feet.
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