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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Tuesday, 24 February 2009 
Feb 24 09
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Ficlets and Drabbles
Past, Present, Future written by lyras. Sirius arrives at Lupin's place just after the end of GoF. An old photograph creates all sorts of tension. :: PG-13
Three drabbles written by beeinmybonnet. No summary. :: G to PG-13
Perfection written by tohyto_writes. About being blind enough to care about a stupid, perfect git who has his flaws. :: PG -- preslash

Full-Length Fics
October Sky written by noneedofcrepe. No summary. :: PG-13

Updated Fics and Works in Progress
Sonnets and other catastrophes written by slightlytookish was finished with part 5. A week in the lives of the Marauders, during which everything seems to go wrong. Part 5: James searches for Lily, Peter dithers, and Remus and Sirius do not hex each other into oblivion after all. :: PG
Triple Trouble written by fullmoon_dreams was updated with part 9. Double Trouble becomes Triple Trouble when Remus, Sirius and Lily from a parallel world visit The Marauders. :: PG-13
History and Truth written by leashy_bebes was started with chapter 1. There's history, and then there's truth. Remus Lupin never imagined he'd be the keeper of the wizarding world's biggest secret - he and he alone knows the truth of what happened when Harry Potter confronted Lord Voldemort, and he never intends to say a word. Let them have their history, the truth is for him alone. Something - or someone, rather - is about to change all that. :: PG -- eventual R/S, AU

Art and Sketches
Remus/Sirius drawn by davidychus. :: G
Thro' The Rye drawn by Sumerok. :: G
Even After Death drawn by 17oclock :: G
Learning, Practising drawn by remeciel. :: NC-17

Various and Sundry
• Fic searches: Remus works in a strip club/brothel, Sirius discovers him
• BlackLupin.org is hosting an 6-month anniversary challenge.
bigbangblackout posted the challenge description, rules, FAQ and sign-ups.

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