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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Friday, 27 February 2009 
Feb 28 09
[other] birdhead
Ficlets and Drabbles
The Trouble With Moonys written by latenightcuppa. Frank was going to be the next Jimi Hendrix. Or so he insisted. :: unrated.
Walls written by toyhto_writes. After Sirius has been taken to Azkaban, the walls of their apartment are sloping and Remus can't sleep. :: PG.
Dust written by freudian_fuckup. Two young men and one old cinema. :: R.

Full-Length Fics
Luck Be a Lady written by fullmoon_dreams. Remus helps Sirius get ready for a night out, whether Sirius likes it or not. :: PG-15 -- cross-dressing.
Freddie Mercury and the Curse of His Girlfriend's Cousin's Boyfriend written by rhye. Remus' cousin Mary is a muggle. She is dating the singer of a band. Once Sirius and James realize which band, all bets are off. :: R -- Queen RPF crossover.
Of Friends, Forgetfulness, and Forever written by mysecretashes. James needs help asking Lily to marry him. :: PG-13.
An Endless Bargain written by brighty18. Sirius makes a bargain to rid himself of nightmares. :: R -- crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
Endings and Beginnings written by remuslives23. The first Halloween after Sirius' escape from Azkaban resurrects all the old feelings Remus thought he'd buried. :: NC-17.
An Interview With a Werewolf and His Dog written by freudian_fuckup. Questions borrowed (with permission) from quantum_witch 's An Interview With the Angel & Demon, which is awesome, by the by, and if you have any interest in Good Omens, you should read it (along with everything else she's written). :: PG-13.
Not-So-Fantastic Voyage written by brighty18. Shrinking potion goes awry. :: PG-13/R.
Six Letters Remus Lupin Never Sent written by freudian_fuckup. Five years in six letters. :: PG-13.
(if you don't) Trust Me I'll Fall written by nathaniel_hp. Trusting isn't always easy, but sometimes it is of vital importance. :: PG.
Resentment and Cherishing written by Anonymous for hpvalensmut. There were lots of things James didn’t know. :: NC-17.

Updated Fics and Works in Progress
It Was Only a Kiss! written by remuslives23 was updated with Chapter 10. It was all James' fault! If he hadn't have nicked that bottle of Firewhiskey, none of this would have happened. :: NC-17.
Of Silver Light and Shadows written by mindabbles was concluded with Chapter 12. Remus crosses a line, James stops him, Peter and Lily have epiphanies of different sorts, and in the very end, Sirius gets what he wanted all along. :: PG-13 this chapter, series ranges from PG to NC-17.

Art and Sketches
hair fetish drawn by spacefragments :: R.

Various and Sundry
Signups are open for sunandsmut round 3.
Signups are open at hp_emofest. Rules can be found here.
Prompt submissions are now open at lgbtfest. Rules/FAQs can be found here.
• Fic searches: a working link to "Nightswimming" by Rave | a specific fic in which Regulus moves in with Remus and Sirius

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