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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Thursday, 5 March 2009 
Mar 04 09
other - gasmask
Ficlets and Drabbles
Heroes written by silver_apples. Remus, Peter, and what makes a hero. :: G
Guilt written by lisaee. Remus never realised how he had treated friends and lovers until the guilt finally hit him. :: G
The Reoccurring Kind written by leashy_bebes. No summary. :: G

Full-Length Fics
Need You written by midnight_birth. As Hogwarts years come to an end, Remus’s worst fears for the future are just beginning and his faith in himself is waning. But there is someone who is intent on not letting Remus give up on himself, whatever it takes. :: NC-17
An Endless Bargain written by brighty18. Sirius makes a bargain to rid himself of nightmares :: R -- crossover with Sandman
Tarnish written by snapmagic. Remus hates old things. :: PG-13
The Beauty & The Tragedy written by emixt. A symphonic one-shot in three movements. :: PG
Moonstruck written by thesiriusmoon. Remus is ill, so Sirius cooks. :: PG
Love Notes written by fullmoon_dreams. Love notes and Sirius Black just don't mix. :: PG-13

Art and Sketches
Clarity (version 0) drawn by remeciel. :: PG-13 -- crossdressing
Clarity drawn by remeciel. :: NC-17 -- crossdressing

Various and Sundry
• Fic searches: AngstQuotes and essays Hurt/comfort, R or S injured while protecting the other │ first-time sex
• Prompt-claiming is open on pervy_werewolf's Remus' Birthday Challenge.
hpvalensmut posted reveals.
rs_500 March sign-ups are open.
sirius_remus100 posted a new challenge.
bigbangblackout has a plot bunny drop off post.

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