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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Friday, 3 April 2009. 
Apr 03 09
[other] birdhead
Ficlets and Drabbles
A Weaving written by such_heights. No summary given :: PG.

Full-Length Fics
While Gold Remained written by imagines. Set before things stopped being okay. :: R.

Updated Fics and Works in Progress
It Was Only A Kiss! written by remuslives23 was updated with Chapter 20. It was all James' fault! If he hadn't have nicked that bottle of Firewhiskey, none of this would have happened. :: NC-17.
Once in a Blue Moon written by fullmoon_dreams was updated with Chapter 51. An AU Remus/Sirius story set in a world where an eleven year old werewolf named Remus Lupin never got his Hogwarts invitation, and where Sirius Black was not accepted by the rest of the Gryffindors. The two outcasts form a friendship despite overwhelming odds, but will their friendship survive when Sirius finds himself falling in love with his best friend...his friend who wants nothing more than to be 'normal', despite the passion he feels for the heir to the Noble House of Black. :: R.
Resolutions written by remuslives23 was updated with Chapter 2. Remus and Lily make a New Year's resolution to claim the ones they love. :: R.

Art and Sketches
Having a nap drawn by remeciel :: NC-17.
In the vanilla sky drawn by marikaart :: unrated.

Various and Sundry
slightlymore is hosting Time is Making Fools of Us Again: A Harry Potter Fic Meme.
hp_summersmut will open signups on April 7.
Signups are open until April 5 at rs_500.
bigbangblackout has posted information about milestone claiming.
• Fic searches: Remus and Sirius as Slytherins | fics featuring Umbridge, and AUs in which Peter is revealed as the traitor | a specific post-OotP fic in which Remus attempts suicide | fics in which Remus dislikes Snape as much as the other Marauders do

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