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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Tuesday, 19 May 2009 
May 19 09
other - gasmask
Ficlets and Drabbles
First Time for Everything written by ceredwensirius. Sirius has never done this before. :: NC-17
Witnessed written by ceredwensirius. Sirius never knows what Regulus saw. :: NC-17 -- voyeurism
Completion of Remus Lupin written by ceredwensirius. James was an unwitting witness...now what? :: NC-17
First Time written by celandineb. No Summary. :: NC-17
You Surround Me written by celandineb. No summary. :: NC-17 -- rimming
Songs About Leaving written by omg_glomp. One of the greatest tragedies is to be hurt by people who love you, but are doing it on purpose. There is no such thing as a clean escape, and loving something does not mean giving it away. :: PG
Time After Time written by torino10154. No summary. :: R

Full-Length Fics
Somolence, or Four Nights on Both Sides of the First War written by elessae. Four nights on both sides of the first war, and things are not as different as they are perceived – the First War, as seen through the eyes of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Narcissa Black. :: R -- also Lucius/Narcissa
Trust written by hpsauce. sirius likes blood play but it is too dangerous to do with a lycanthrope - so remus allows sirius to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to act out his fantasy with someone else while remus watches. :: NC-17 - also Sirius/Fabian Prewett
The Irreplaceable Professor Lupin (part 1)(part 2) written by hpsauce. gala asked for james & lily having problems and remus being the judge of whose fault it was. this turned out more like 'remus teaches people how to have sex' (as is probably clear from the title) :: NC-17 - also Remus/James and Remus/Lily
The Work of Thy Hands written by fera_festiva. "I was thinking more of having my wicked way with you, right here by the side of the lake." :: R

Updated Fics and Works in Progress
Once in a Blue Moon written by fullmoondreams was updated with chapter 59. An AU Remus/Sirius story set in a world where an eleven year old werewolf named Remus Lupin never got his Hogwarts invitation, and where Sirius Black was not accepted by the rest of the Gryffindors. The two outcasts form a friendship despite overwhelming odds, but will their friendship survive when Sirius finds himself falling in love with his best friend...his friend who wants nothing more than to be 'normal', despite the passion he feels for the heir to the Noble House of Black. :: PG-15

Art and Sketches
Morning drawn by ericahpfa. :: NC-17
Padfoot and Moony drawn by grzybludojad :: G
How He Treats His Lowers drawn by alirodina :: PG-13

Various and Sundry
• Fic searches: Missing fic: Sirius is taken to Azkaban and Remus finds a picture of him in the Prophet, mouthing "Love you" to him
hp_toujours announces the second House of Black art/fic exchange. Sign ups begin on June 08.
rs_games posted the guidelines for this year's challenge. Sign ups being on June 1.

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