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The R/S Prophet
Remus/Sirius fandom news
The R/S Prophet :: Friday, 26 June 2009 
Jun 26 09
[other] birdhead
Ficlets and Drabbles
More than Most written by rhye. Sirius proposes to Remus, pre-Azkaban. :: G.

Full-Length Fics
Remus Lupin's Plan written by mysecretashes. Remus has a plan. It may or may not include a dodgy potion. :: NC-17.
One of Life's Ironies written by missteacakes. Remus allows himself to take a risk on love. :: G.
Apples written by thesiriusmoon. Just the sound of an apple drove Remus absolutely bonkers... :: PG-13.

Updated Fics and Works in Progress
An Exploration written by grandilloquism was updated with Chapter 6. Long term Hogwarts fic. :: PG.
Another Prisoner, Another Professor written by marauderthesn was updated with Chapter 44. In Harry's third year he must learn the many truths about the new DADA teacher, Professor Black, and an escaped convict, Remus Lupin. :: PG-13 -- AU.

Art and Sketches
The Phoenix Society: A Distraction at the Lab drawn by fera_festiva :: hard R.

Various and Sundry
dogdaysofsummer will be posting prompts throughout August!
• Fic/art searches: working links to Chiro's fanart | fics in which Remus and Sirius are married | a specific fic in which Sirius is a glam rocker | Remus doing something wrong and having to ask Sirius for forgiveness

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