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.:. Welcome to the rs_prophet .:.
Welcome to the rs_prophet! We are a recsletter specializing in everything Remus/Sirius centric. We are not a newsletter, but rather a recsletter and our editors will be reccing art, fic, discussion and anything else various and sundry related to the Remus/Sirius pairing.

Here at the Prophet, our editorial staff will scour livejournal, insanejournal, and fanfiction archives in order to bring you the very best in the Sirius/Remus ship.

.:. Editors .:.
The rs_prophet is updated by ceredwensirius and werewolfsfan.

Our watcher journal is rs_prophetwatch. To be added to our watch list or know of a community we should be watching, please comment here!
.:. Contact Us .:.
If you've or know of someone who has written or drawn something you think we should see then let us know by e-mailing us or leaving a comment on the most recent prophet article!

With new editors comes a new regime. You can find a post detailing who we are and what we will be posting in this community by clicking here.
.:. Affiliates .:.
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.:. Various and Sundry .:.
Membership to this community is restricted to the reccers. But please friend us to keep up in the latest in all Sirius/Remus news!

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